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Arthur has been in the news/media business for over ten years. He is a Mass Communication graduate major in Professional Journalism at the University of Sheffield in London, United Kingdom. His career in online publishing started back in 2008. Since then, Arthur joined multiple publications of different niche. Today, he offered his expertise to News Print UK and exercised the vision the website aims to accomplish.
A man of curiosity, that's how Austin address himself. He is passionate about learning new stuff, from technology to business, up to latest medical venture in today's healthcare status quo. He received his degree in professional journalism from King's College London and since then explored the world of news reporting. He is now a full-time contributor to the News Print UK.
Jen is a journalism alumna of the London School of Journalism. Maintaining a keen eye on all provided facts, Jen loves to uncover underlying issues and possible controversies on every headline. She is passionate about unveiling new methods that will simplify life and the community.
A University of Leeds alumni, Jake is graduate of professional journalism. He started his career in online publishing back in 2015 when he joined multiple media publication as a regular contributor. Mostly, his interest ranges from technological advancements to socio-political issues. Today, he is a full-time contributor to News Print UK.
"A woman with a purpose." Katie is a local activist who aims to fight against discrimination and women empowerment. As fragile as you may see, Katie is a strong individual with impressive educational background and achievement.
Mitch is an entrepreneur/journalist who enjoys covering the far fringes of development in the business, tech, and healthcare services. She received her degree in journalism at the University of Leeds. Today, she is a full-time contributor to the News Print UK online platform.
Sheila is an expert when it comes to online publishing. She started her career back in 2015 where she joined various news/media portals as a contributor and an editor. She is now a full-time contributor to the News Print UK.